What Hope Hath Man In All His Labor?

With a futile pace, men do run this race…only, too seize a crown of corruption. For the flesh cries out for immortality; only, too find the grave open, before the vision is attained.

What hope is there then in the flesh… none? For one-generation cometh, only to bury the last. What father hath seen his children’s, children bare the fullness of their fruit? For all the ways of men are laid at sorrows gate… There to be swallowed by vanities call.

Therefore, cease thy labor in the flesh… look to the eternal God; knowing, that it is He who is able to deliver thee from time and the grave. Take hold of God and do not let go… for in Him eternity is assured and man’s rest made perfect.

Believe in the name of Jesus Christ… that, ye may be born again an eternal spirit, a child of the most high. Christ hath wrested victory from death and shut fast the grave; for those who are in Him… the hope of the resurrection, is no longer but a dream… it is the assured promise of God, to whosoever will believe in Jesus Christ.



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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