Dying, too live?

So many are seeking life in all the wrong places.  Everyday, people struggle in a dying world; wrestling within, they are dying too live. Yet, life stands in their presence, at their door He knocks…waiting to be invited in. 

Jesus Christ, extends His hand too all those who seek life… Too, those whose burdens are heavy; too those, whose cares weigh them down… Too, whosoever will loose his life… He promises a new and eternal life. For to die in Christ is gain… but too live in sin is death. 

For we bear the burden of this body daily dying in the Lord… That, the life of Jesus may also be made manifest in our body…  For we are delivered in death, that His life may be made manifest in our mortal bodies. So, death may appear at work in our members; yet, it is no longer I who shall suffer the grave… knowing that He who raised up Christ shall also deliver me from this present death. 


For I faint not in this present status… understanding, that the outward image of my body may return to dust; yet, my inward man is renewed day by day. Therefore, I rejoice in this present affliction, knowing that suffering for this moment shall work a far more exceeding and eternal reward in Christ.


For I look not at the things seen, but at the things not seen… In faith, I walk by the power of His Spirit.  Understanding, that the things seen are but temporal… vanity, and vexation of the spirit. While, things not seen are eternal.


Hence, I groan earnestly in the spirit, desiring to be clothed with my heavenly tabernacle… Looking to be robed with immortality, I put off the corruptible image of sin and put on the incorruptible image of Christ and His Spirit… passing from death, unto life in Christ.


For, if I am crucified with Christ, I also am raised with Christ… Putting away sin thru death, with the former conversations of this world and the flesh… I am a new creation.  Death, where is thy sting? And, grave where is thy victory?  For the sting of death is sin… and sin, no longer lives in me…


For, I have died in Christ… too sin once and forever. That I may now live unto God… Being, raised up by the Power of the Spirit of Life… mortifying the deeds of the body in death… dying (to self), I live.  I am born again, a new creation in Christ Jesus. 










About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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