The Sound of War

How often I have sat in silence… remembering the horror of days lost and nights spent in terrors path. How sweet it is too know that God has always had His hand upon my shoulder… in spite of my err, He brings me too taste sweet waters and too see a better tomorrow.

Too, those whose hearts are heavy laden whose nights bring tears of remorse and long lost sorrows… rejoice, I say rejoice for God hath cast the past… as far from thee as the East is from the West… into a sea of forgetfulness.  There never again to be raised up against thee.

Be of good cheer and know that God is able to restore what the thief hath taken… too, rebuild what the destroyer hath broken, and too… make new a heart that has repented. Let go of yesterday and take hold of an eternal tomorrow.

Below is a psalm given to me this day… too, those who know the terror of night… and the sound of an eagle in flight.

The Sound of War

We who have seen war will never stop seeing it; from the sounds of the night… the voice of our fallen declare it.

Were comes the bird of war… too devour the flesh of our youth… too, take hold of the soul of man, too rip it asunder? Where comes the sound of furry loosed in the bowels of the earth… too, bring down the mountains of the mighty.

Who sounds the trumpet… too call the bards of war; too wield the voice of anger, in the earth? Who takes hold of the heart of my brother… too lay him waste in fields of tears?

Thou O man, doth tread upon another… so quickly too judge, so harshly too view the fallen. Where comes this spirit of war? Let us no more take the sword too plow our fields… too, make our rivers run red… with the son’s of men.

Rather, let us lift up our voices in the light of day… too, declare the err of yesterday. That tomorrow may bring the bitter soul, to sweet waters… that the sound of furry may forever be lost… in nights long forgotten.

Given this 13th day of December in the year of our Lord 2007.

Your Brother in Christ;



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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