Conflict Within the Human Soul

Conflict within the Human Soul
There is a conflict between the rational and irrational that infects the human soul. Things become confused; power, ideals, morality, love and hate… So that, man is tempted too establish his own purpose over those of his neighbors… too, seek to dominate others. Good does not always triumph; the better angels of man’s soul are often bound by the demons of his flesh.
Man builds his house, he eats and drinks, and then too the grave his flesh is consigned… For the days of man are all numbered; the labor of his flesh purchases him nothing. In vain man struggles within himself, too win a war he cannot win with carnal weapons.
It is only in the spirit that man may rise above his lesser being, too free the better angles of his soul… thru Christ. For with the heart man serves a higher call in God; whose, purpose it is too bring all mankind into His Kingdom and fellowship.
Awake O’ man and see the risen Son. Let the light of Him shine brightly in the countenance of thy flesh; that, the entire world may discern the better nature of thy spirit. Having love borne by faith, alive in you… that ye may serve all in Christ. Choose life ye with an eye to see and an ear to hear… awake unto the Son of Righteousness and cheat death of its victory and the grave of it’s boasting.
For all the dead do cry out, but they are no more… In vain, men seek to grasp the stars, only to find that the depths of the pit have swallowed them in darkness… Man reaches out with his arm and is cut off. He holds a candle, while his feet rest in darkness; with his last breath, he cries out, but is no more.
There is a dichotomy found in the heart of man… One, that loves and the other that murders the soul… One, which cries out for Christ and another that revels in the flesh. For men war not against the flesh but against powers, principalities and wicked spirits of darkness. So much so… that the soul of man is kept in bondage too the flesh.
Look and see… the sorrow of the earth cries out too be heard. The mountains lay low and the innocent suffer at the hand of their brother. Fear, reeks in the heart of men everywhere. Fear holds captive the children of men, whose hope perishes with the grave… What then can one do against so mighty an enemy? Too whom has the answer been revealed?
Unto the righteous God has revealed the answer… by faith thru grace  in Christ… Man finds peace and the world is set too rest in Jesus Christ. For Christ is the true hope of every man, who comes too the light; whose feet rest not in darkness.
Therefore, lift up thy eyes O’ man and stretch forth thy arms; with thy hands, take hold of Christ and let not go… for the Word of Faith is sown in thy heart. God hath seen thy struggle and has prepared a way where there was no way… He has opened the door and prepared a banquet table… that ye may enter into His House and dine with Him.
The rational and irrational elements of the world may no longer wreck havoc with the soul of man… nor take advantage of the weakness of his flesh. For a man that gives way to the truth… too the eternal Power, that is forever God Almighty; shall not be moved by the natural events of this world. He shall be set free from his own nature; to live again in Christ… as a New Creation; born again of the Spirit of Life in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen.
Your Brother in Christ

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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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