The Days Grow Short

To All:
Greetings and God’s blessing be upon each of you now and forever… may His countenance shine upon you and be in you… may your joy be full. 
Below is a word given to me by our Lord… It is for those whose days grow short… whose night’s crowd out the light… who sit in winters grasp, longing for summers day. 
For surely it comes… this better day.  When it is darkest, be assured that the sun shall rise and night shall give way to the morning star… Jesus Christ.
                   THE DAY GROWS SHORT
The days grow short and summers breath will sooner leave us for autumn’s rest… The earth cools and the night over takes day… So life goes, its slumbering way…
O’ too sleep life’s long slumber; too rest upon the breast of my lover;  Too, see with certain hope, that day shall never give way… too, winters long and nights cold. 
For in Him rests our certain hope… there too escape the cold of winters breath and nights long. For, oft we gaze, upon past summer days… when youths sweet innocence, did play long… Knowing no despair, nor need for hopes sweet care… Idly we wondered into winters despair.
To these I say… Let, life’s sweet slumber, bring peace once more, to age long sorrow… too, carry them no more… Cry out, with certain hope, to summers keeper… for therein we do not despair.
For rest comes with knowledge, of eternities keep… and its keeper once met; doth reassure the aged soul, of summers long and Springs eternal… For all those in Him live again and again… too summers long and Springs renewed… Amen.
Let us therefore rejoice in Springs sweet reprise, as in Christ; we died to winters long and nights cold… too, rise again in the newness of His Spirit…
As spring comes to winters night; so the Son is revealed to those in darkness… Therefore, I say… Awake from winter’s sleep, to be born again too springs promise and winter’s keep.
Your Brother in Christ;



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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