Faith believes and accepts!

To All:

Faith is not only believing in what one can’t see… It also accepts what God gives… being at peace, regardless of the circumstances of the day. Godly faith has a reward beyond the present… A reward in eternity.

The precursor of faith is hope, a seed planted in our soul. Which when watered by faith blossoms and bares the fruit of our faith… Worldly faith bears fruit of this world and Godly faith that of the Kingdom of God.

Hope based upon Godly faith always works… While, presumptive hope often fails. We must learn the difference between presumptive hope, whose motives are based upon carnal desires, seeking earthly returns… And that of Godly hope, which is firmly rooted in the Word of God, and bears fruit, in The Kingdom of God.

Presumptive hope is often expressed in worldly desires… love, money, power and the tapestry of a worldly life. It is rooted in the present, and it’s desire is for immediate gratification. It’s motivation is self-serving and ungodly.

While, Godly hope is motivated out of service to God and others… It is founded upon Kingdom motives. Jesus said, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and then all these things shall be added unto you… What things? The necessities of life and your hearts desires.

Our hearts desires and motivation change when we find the Kingdom of God… Our will becomes secondary to that of God’s and our desires change from the earthly will of the carnal man, to the will of the Spirit of God. We no longer seek self-gratification among the things of the earth… Our treasure is no longer of this world, it is spiritual treasure we now seek. For, where our treasure is there also is our heart.

The children of God are not motivated to give inorder to get… Nor do they sow to reap, personal gain in this world, gain for today. Rather, they give and sow in the earth, laying up treasure in heaven… Looking forward by faith to their heavenly reward.

Many, in the ministry today promise a hundred fold return if one has faith now… to receive today. Certainly, God would that we have our needs met, to include those necessary to serve Him and His purposes in the earth… But, greed and personal benefit is the motivation of those who adhere to a give to get doctrine…

Many, quote the scripture that the wealth of the wicked is laid up, in store for the heirs of salvation… Not understanding that our inheritance is not of this earth… For, we have a heavenly inheritance… An eternal body and heavenly blessing that go well beyond the carnal mind and vision of this world. For, eye hath not seen nor mind imagined the reward laid up in heaven for the heirs of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Beware of the levin of the world, of presumptive hope and worldly faith… for the love of money is the root of all evil. Personal power, wealth and love for the things of this earth are too often at the heart of the carnally minded Christian. It is hope centered on the cares of this world that enter in and choke the Word… destroying the fruit of salvation for those who hold to it.

Those who are weak in Godly faith, whose hope rest in the world… hunger and thirst spiritually. They are empty vessels, never able to find peace, tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine… They are like ships in the night, lost at sea, in a tempest without Godly hope. Being filed with carnal hope they are soon ship wrecked and left upon the rocks… for the birds of pray.

The carnally minded Christian dines at the world’s table, eating the things of the world; while they waste away spiritually… Never able to be satisfied… Never able to drink and eat of the deep things of God’s Spirit… Never able to dine at the masters table… Too drink of His Spirit and to know joy unspeakable… today, tomorrow and forever. They have sold their birth right for a morsel of porridge.

Where is your hope and faith? Where is your treasure and reward? Do you hold to this world and it’s cares?

Your Brother in Christ;



About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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