God Paints Eden’s Gate

                                   God Word Paints, Eden’s gate…

With purple mountains majesty; with rainbows of hewn colors; God’s Word did speak, and with glory did paint, with majesties brush, upon glories canvas… What our eyes cannot see, and only our hearts believe. His glorious creation, Eden alive in you and me.

What wonders they speak, what joy revealed by God’s hand; His Word unsealed, in hues of red and crimson, He doth paint serenities person… That you and I may see thru His eye and know… The Glory of His house, displayed in golden fields, in purple mountains majestic…

In the shimmering silver reflection of the stars, cast upon the placid planes, of lakes long lost, to man… revealed. Here we find rest, with the master painter; Whose works unspoken, unfold before our eyes… their wonder to behold. With eager eyes we drink deeply… of God’s creation.

What joy they bring to this wondering soul… too, know that God hath given us His best… to paint a picture of heavens rest; Where man may not enter, where only God’s glory may go…


The wonderful pictures posted earlier… brought me to muse on how glorious a home God has given us in this earth… How much more beauty will heaven contain?

Only the eye of faith may view the masters painting… and see beyond the physical beauty, to know this is just the beginning. For eye hath not seen nor mind imagined what glory awaits the heirs of salvation… Amen




About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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