Where are the Shepherds of Israel?


Where are the Shepherds of Israel?


What sayest thou O’ Shepherd…Who seekest thou now, and what favor doth thou desire:


       Why hast thou numbered My strength?  Why lookest thou among the people and weigh their number…To whom doest thou seek favor?  For what reward do you seek, among the many?


       Hast Eve grown in her presence, does she now seek her husbands place?  Count her number and sow in her field; saith the Lord.  Plant your seed in her field; trust in her number that you may eat today!  For tomorrow comes and with it the rising of the Son…


       For the day comes when I will cause a great wind to blow, from the East, it shall blow; and the Locust shall come and devour your planting and the fruit thereof shall be consumed with fire…  Whom will you turn to then?  …For thine comfort, and sustenance…  The love of lucre has consumed you, and all your gain is for naught.


       Woe unto ye Shepherds that do feed thyself!  Art thou My shepherd?  What doest thou feed My flock?  Thou doest consume My people, feeding them fodder for the truth.  Thou walkest in the counsel of the ungodly, and standeth in the way with sinners, and sitteth in the seat of the scornful…Thou hast made My house a den of thieves, offering up the wounded, and the lame, as meat for My table.  What saith, the scripture, and what is thy reward?


Surely, My flock is become pray for the beast of the field, where is the shepherd among My people…to bind up the broken, to heal the sick and to find the lost sheep of My fold.  They are scattered everyone to his own place, everyone to seek his own way…  As Korah and Miriam sought to stand in their own way…  thou now stand, in your own way…


       Whose house do ye seek to rob?  Seek ye the gain of Baalam?  For profit, thou sell thyself and thy flocks.  Yea eat the fat of the land, and ye are clothed with fine linen and wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.


Ye build and ye build again, only to find that your house is full and Mine is empty.  Whited sepulchres, filled with the dead…you build your own testimony.  Thinkest, I have no eyes to see, or that My arm is shortened?


        Repent, O’ ye Shepherds, for I will come again, and require the blood of My flock at your hands…lest ye repent.  Go and dip thyself seven times, in the river of God.  Go and wash thy hands…wash thyself, in the pool of Siloam that ye may see.  Go and buy fine oil and anoint thy head, that ye may be healed of thy leprosy…Go quickly, as the judge of the Earth comes, in an hour and day you think not…


       Be not dismayed; for I am He who chastiseth those He loves; saith the Lord of Host.


Your Brother in Christ;





       Scriptural references: Nu 12:1-16; Deu 7:7; 32:28-29; 1Sam 2:29-36; 2Kings 5:10; Psalms 65:9; Jer 2: 8&11, 6: 13-30; 7: 8-11, 50: 6-8; Isa 16: 9-63, 57:2-13; Ez 34: 2; John 9:7; 2Peter 2: 15-22; Jude 11-23; Rev 2: 14-17, 20-22, 3: 14-17.




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Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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