There is vanity in a multitude of Words



To All:

In a multitude of words man hides his agony… longing to discover his path in life, he struts and frets his hour upon this stage… and then is heard no more.

Vanity, vanity all is vanity and vexation of the spirit… for man builds his house… only to have others occupy it. He sows a field for others to reap and heaps up treasure to go to his grave in darkness… and alone.

But hope springs eternal… for those who in God trust; whose house is built upon the rock. For this man knows his purpose in life is to obey God and to serve Him with all he is…body, spirit and soul.

This man is stayed in his ways, by the promises of God… and he is not moved… by the wind of adversity. He is at rest within… and at peace with himself and God.

His mouth drips with the dew of righteousness, and his Words are gems of light spoken in the darkness… of this world.  Out of his belly flows a river of righteousness to water those who thrust for the water of life.  They satisfy the soul and bring peace unspeakable.

His Words are few… but feed a multitude.  They are bread to the hungry, the manna of life to those who find them.  Giving hope to the lost and encouragement to those in despair.

His Word doesn’t fall to the ground void, but prospers in the vessel called to God’s purpose… They bring forth an hundred fold return unto the Kingdom of God.

Are your Words light, unto those in darkness?  Do you know your calling and purpose?  I pray this Word finds root in your spirit and that it brings fulfillment and understanding of God’s plan for you…That your mouth may reveal the Kingdom of God… unto all those with an ear to hear.

Your Brother in Christ;




About usar4me

Retired US Army Colonel... Christian, married with two wonderful daughters and granddaughters.
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3 Responses to There is vanity in a multitude of Words

  1. Unknown says:

    Didn\’t feel like sleeping. So decided to look around internet. Didn\’t realize you had these writings, many of which I had not read. I love them. You have a beautiful poetic gift, teacing gift spoken in such manner that one wants to come back for more. Maybe you really ought to teach. God bless you. Of you\’ll keep writing, Ill keep reading.~Ruby

  2. Ronald Nelson says:

    Thanks Ruby…. for the kind words and praise. It is but God’s gift in men revealed that brings us to speak and write… that He may have all the praise and glory.

  3. usar4me says:

    Today is a new day and the Spirit of God speaks to those who have an ear to hear… that they may lack no good thing.

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